Monday, March 18, 2013

After Oz

Whew.    We are home.  Barely made it.  It occurred to me several times during the last leg of the trip that this could be my last day on earth as Sweet Girl raged out of control in the front seat in major traffic.  

We left  yesterday morning to go to our long awaited appointment outside of Dallas.  Feels like we left a week ago.  I did a very bad thing and stayed up past the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning because I wanted to have all my records just so to take to the appointment.  I knew that was probably not a good idea.  But I had no concept of just what a bad idea it was.

When I got up on Wednesday, I let my girl sleep til the last minute.  She couldn't decide on any clothes to bring and hadn't packed anything because of it.  She is actually down to very few items of clothing that she is willing to wear at this point, but it still becomes a long and laborious task for her to decide what to put on.  So I put a few things that I have seen her wear into my bag, and we woke her up to get straight in the car.

She was very upset about not getting to pack her own bag and immediately became very oppositional.  We gave her 2 Advil, 2 TBSP of peanut butter and had to chase her around the front yard, trap her in the van and take off so she wouldn't jump out (I know my neighbors love me....)  She insulted and screamed and berated me for almost 2 hours.  Finally, half way there, she was sweet and held my hand as we went into the gas station.  She was pretty sweet for the next few hours and until bedtime.

We ate food of her choosing and went back to the hotel room early to go to bed about 7 or 7:30.  I finally dozed off a little after 8, and woke up at 8:30 to turn off the tv like I said we would and dozed back off.  She woke me up very upset and went on for hours screaming and yelling to me she wanted to go home, she couldn't stand me, no one could, she never wanted this trip, etc., etc., etc.  Once in that time period, she calmed down and actually laid in the same bed snuggled up next to me, but when I dozed off, we repeated the whole cycle over again.

Finally, around 2, she dozed off in the other bed, and I had a chance to get some sleep.

We got up early to be outside the doctor's office at 8:30 for our 9:00 appt.  We went in, Sweet Girl got to play on the swing and some sensory stuff, and we were called back very quickly.  We left the office at 1:00 after an extremely traumatic blood draw which required the nurse, myself and the lab tech to hold her down.

The doc had to leave the room to visit with another patient a few times but spent a great deal of time with us.  He suspected that yeast may again be a player for our girl (wish I could say that was a shock) and tested her for several chronic infections such as H1N1, coxsackie, etc.  The doc gave her an rx for Omnicef (we had been on a month of Azithromycin) as well as an anti-anxiety med.  I do have to get her on a plane to go to the appt in a month, and I am more than a little concerned about how I will do that.  We talked at length about her history, and he asked who would be seeing her for Lyme.  He knew of the doctor that we will see in April and seemed to approve.  We have an appt to review test results in a month.

We left the office, and Sweet Girl was in a terrible state, set off by the blood draw.  The 11 year old girl who had loved me when we went in now hated me and wanted to inform me, once again, that everyone hated me, that she never wanted this trip and was no way going to go with me on the trip in a month(hello, anxiety med for the plane ride).

I planned to eat somewhere that she would like, but she could not find any place that was okay, and now she wanted to go home, and I didn't really want to repeat the night we had before.  So we packed up the car and headed back home looking for a place to eat.  We finally found a Sweet Tomatoes where my girl who always has a voracious appetite ate a handful of salad and a small serving of chocolate pudding.  She said she wasn't feeling well.  I thought she probably had strep again, but the doc had declined to test her since he was giving her a new antibiotic anyway.  I think the blood test was enough.

Did I mention that we filled her Rx?  We did.  Got a little lecture from the pharmacist about the anti-anxiety meds--I would so like to be able to skip them, but....And then we were going to get our nails done.  Except that once we got into a salon to pick out the color, she didn't really want to.

So back on the road we were with not enough sleep, but plenty of stimulation!  She was feeling nauseous, but I gave her a chocolate and her new antibiotic--so excited to maybe bring our girl home!  At least a LITTLE better...

Pretty soon she was back to the irritable side, and we had more insults and ugly ideas coming my way for a.  very.  long.  time.  By the time we got to our hometown, it was dark, and I offered up several places to eat because no way was I going to cook when we got home.  Nothing was agreeable, and pretty soon, I was stupid for even suggesting such restaurants.

I finally stopped at Chili's--she likes their ribs.  We went in and were seated, but she was complaining about what a terrible restaurant that was and how stupid I was--loudly.  The server took my order--Sweet Girl declined--and the server was afraid to look at her.  My food came fairly quickly (wonder why?) and I began to eat while she got more and more upset, half crying, half soft yelling about me being stupid, a pig, etc.  It was so bad that we finally left.

Got in the car and gave her the anti-anxiety med, but she was already hyped up.  Yelling, kicking the dash, telling me to stop, STOPPPPPP!!!!!!  Stop breathing, stop eating, stop drinking, STOPPPPP!!!!!! This soon changed to MAKE IT STOPPPPPPP!!!!!!! and I told her to close her eyes so she wouldn't see the lights going by, but she couldn't, everything was too much.

We got home, and immediately, she couldn't touch ANYTHING.  Not the door, not a person, nothing, and she was SHRIEKING from the car into the house.  We turned on the shower and tried to get her in thinking that would calm her down, but she couldn't get into the shower and stand the feel of it.  She was already naked and now could not put any clothes on.  I shut the bathroom doors as I went out, and she couldn't open them because she couldn't touch anything.  Didn't want me to leave her sight.  And SCREAMING, CRYING.

We couldn't figure out what to do.  It was bedtime, but nobody was going to bed like this.  Finally, in desperation, I remembered about activated charcoal to absorb and attract some of the toxins that were now being moved around in her body.  We gave her two capsules.  She ran upstairs and discovered that her room had been cleaned and screamed and yelled and threw things around for a while.  The husband and I were in our room trying to brainstorm what to do.

Thirty minutes after we gave her the capsules, I exited our bedroom to find her laying on the couch, fully clothed, watching tv and able to answer a question about a toothbrush.


Let's just file this post under--Herxing.

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