Monday, May 28, 2012

Sock It To My Girl!

My girl has some pretty serious clothing sensitivities (sensory processing disorder), and socks are a biggie for her.  Most mornings are very difficult for several reasons, but one of the biggest is getting socks and shoes on.  (We try to put socks on the night before but sometimes forget, most other nights they get kicked off in her sleep.)

And seamless socks?  They are not all what they claim to be.  At least in my girl's opinion.  We've paid a fortune for socks, usually to find out that they did not fit the bill.  Even tried those socks that are marketed toward kids who have sensory processing disorder.  The ones that claim they won't "bug ya'".  But they did.  Bug her.  And I had to send them back.

But one month before school was out this year, we found the perfect socks for her!  Tic Tac Toe socks!!!!  Very, very soft fabric and seamless at the toe.   She got no-show socks (you can get several different styles), and after the first couple of days, no more sock battles!

The first two days she had much milder issues with them....over being "too slippery" and "TOO soft", but by day three, she was used to it.  And honestly, the extra slipperiness and extra softness seemed to be remedied the first time they were washed.  

If you are having issued with sock sensitivity, maybe these will work for you, too!  

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