Thursday, May 17, 2012

After 12 Days on Yeast Detox Again....

It has now been twelve days since we started the yeast detox diet again, and I won't lie to you.  It's been tough.  My daughter who loves bread, sugar and all things bad for you thinks that I am trying to punish her with no food in the house.  And to be honest, I am hungry.

But it will get better.  I am not craving sugar so much.  And I know that her gut is getting better.  Still... I have not found the same miraculous reaction that we found the first time on this diet.  Yet.

We started the diet again because things got so bad with my girl.  Not a peaceful, without attack moment around our house (or our car).

We resorted to another visit with our psychiatrist and another attempt to adjust medication.  We're now on our second day of increased Abilify, and when I picked her up from school today, she didn't verbally attack me for the first time in weeks.  Her eyes were sparklier, less sad and angry.

But we forge ahead with the diet because I feel confident that it will do her good.  Because I totally believe that the reason she is in this place is because of something bigger than a "chemical imbalance" in her brain.  Something is causing that imbalance.

So for now, we continue on with the diet, and we pray, pray, pray for my sweet girl who is still in there somewhere.  Our God is the God of the Impossible.  We covet your prayers for her sweet heart to grow stronger in Him, for her to learn to control her impulses, for her body to heal, for wisdom for us, her parents, to know which direction to turn.

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