Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yeast Detox

Our family did the yeast detox diet for not just 28 days, but for four months.  Let's just say that when this happened, I knew that something was working.  I wanted to make sure that we ran off all the old familiar darkness, and if that meant that we did the yeast detox diet for the rest of our lives, I would have been okay with that!

You might be wondering why we did the diet in the first did I know that we had a yeast issue? Well, first of all, something was definitely wrong.  Our girl couldn't tolerate any type of clothing by this time.  When we did get something on her that was several sizes too large (and she'd pop the threads in that trying to stretch it bigger), she couldn't wear underwear or socks or shoes, although she could usually wear crocs.  And she was oppositional to say the least.  Everything we said set off a tantrum that would last for hours.  She was angry.  And aggressive.  She'd hit and say the most hateful things.  She would bite, break things, beat up the walls, kick people.  And she was already taking an anti-depressant.  And a really heavy dose of an anti-psychotic.  And those two medications had packed probably 20 pounds onto my 7 year old's body.  She was now getting to be hard to restrain.

So why did we think it was yeast?   "Suspicion" is all that I can say.  My lovely daughter was born a big baby girl at 9 lb., 8 oz., but I was not diabetic...gestational or  or otherwise.  Yet soon after birth we discovered that she had thrush (oral yeast).  And throughout her infancy and toddlerhood, she had bouts of yeast in her diaper area that I could never fully get rid of.  As a young child, she was sluggish...she'd sleep until 11 a.m. or later if we let her, and if we didn't let her, her nap was usually 3 hours.  She was a big sweater when she slept.  Sweet girl had horrible breath.  She developed a strange, recurrent stomach ache when she was four.  It hurt so badly that she laid down on the floor on her belly trying to make it stop.  Her belly was always a little bloated.  She craved bread and that type of food, although she would eat fruit and vegetables.  She had frequent bladder infections.  She was almost always constipated.  And my daughter had been diagnosed with OCD.  Oh, yeah, and did I mention that she had shiners?  Those are dark circles under the eyes that often go with yeast or allergies.  She had very dark shiners. 

All of these things made me suspect yeast, and although we always wanted to look for a nutritional answer instead of medication, she was already on medication, but we couldn't find the right one or even ones to do the trick for her.  So now I was convinced that we HAD to find a nutritional answer. 

Her pediatrician, God love her, knew absolutely nothing about this.  I mean, she knew about thrush and vaginal yeast infections, but that was where the party line stopped. Doctors look at you like you're crazy if you believe that yeast does anything else.  How in the world could it be related to behavior?  Ha.  So where was I supposed to get help to walk through a yeast detox?  I had read a little about it online and had seen a couple of books...I thought that I could do the diet without a doctor.  But I needed a doctor to write a prescription for oral Nystatin and/or Diflucan for an extended period of time.  And my pediatrician would not do that.  (I needed the antifungals because while the yeast detox diet would stop feeding the yeast, the antifungals would actually kill the yeast.)

I started looking for a holistic doctor, and luckily, someone on my mom's group message board mentioned a "wellness doctor" fairly close to me.  She didn't take insurance, and you had to sign up for the expensive program, not just a visit or two, but I needed that prescription.  And "the program" came with a nutritional consult at a local grocery store to help me pick the right kinds of foods. 

The wellness doctor immediately started my girl on Nystatin.  Immediately, as in, as soon as we could start the diet.  That is a whole seperate post that I shall write soon.  On her third week of the diet, she was to start Diflucan for seven days.  And we were given several other supplements.  Well, you know, we weren't really given them.....

So the protocol initially looked like this:

nystatin a.m. and p.m.
yeast detox diet
2 Tbsp. fish oil
5000 iu vitamin d daily for 5 days and then every other day
Biopro probiotic from Complementary Prescriptions 2 in a.m., 2 in p.m.
1/2 capful of NutraMetrix Advanced B-Complex
1 capful of NutraMetrix Vitamin C
1/2 capful NutraMetrix Isotonix Multivitamin & Multimineral with Iron
1 capful Nutrametrix Isotonix OPC-3
(All of the Nutrametrix powders were mixed into an 8 oz. glass of water for girlie to drink.)

During week 3 we added Diflucan once a day.
Later we added 4 magnesium capsules daily--2 in the a.m. and 2 in the p.m.  These were from Complimentary Prescriptions (which I got from my wellness doctor).

I understand that intially, all symptoms can become worse, and we were given something called Nutra-Tabs for that.  We only used it once or twice, however, when my girl complained of a stomach ache. 

Results?  Amazing.  This diet brought my girl back to me.  Praise God!

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  1. thank you for sharing your journey
    I found your blog from your recent post to the OCD parenting list that I recently joined.
    I would love to hear more of this story of yeast and if your daughter is still on medication.

    My daughter has a outbreak of OCD last winter. She has just turned 8. Looking back she had some other signs of ocd for a while but it was mild but in early 2010 it overtook her life and ours and she also began having terrible rage and crazy behavior.
    I have just begin to blog about it at:

    I too have sought answers from natural sources. Have gone to two different Naturopathic Doctors as well as a Chiropractor who specializes in Traditional Chinese MEdicine.
    Chaning her diet was the start. and sugar detox which made things worse for a while.
    she also craved all the yeast foods.
    I would love to share more and hear more of this story of yours.