Sunday, July 4, 2010

After One Week on the Yeast Detox Diet

Today tears roll down my cheeks as I sit at my computer to tell you what happened in my house. 

Many tears have rolled down my cheeks as I have recounted things that have happened in this many things I'd like to forget.  But I pray that I never forget this one.

My lovely little girl told me that she'd like to wear a fancy dress to church today.  She wanted to wear the dress that she wore to her cousin's wedding last summer.  As she told me this, I couldn't keep the visions of her in that dress out of my mind....her screaming that it was too tight, too itchy, yelling that she hated her daddy and me, crying, throwing a tantrum that my parents' neighbor would later relate to my mother and finally "accidentally" ripping the seam that held the shoulder strap to the body of the dress.  I tried to brush those pictures out of my head while I calmly (on the outside) asked her if she was sure.

My girl was sure.  That Cinderella blue dress was calling her name. 

As she came back from my closet with the dress (why did I even still have the thing?), I smoothed out my nervous insides and let her try it on.  She put the dress on, and it was a little snug.  "Could you zip it up?" she asked.  Still trying to smooth down my nervous insides, I zipped it up for her.  "Ooooh, I think it is really going to be tight,"  I said.

And here's the kicker.  Little Girl looked down at those seams that really were ready to split this year.  She looked at those seams, and....are you ready?  Little Girl laughed.  She looked down at those seams, laughed out loud and said, "I think my OCD is gone!"

So I sit here all wet-faced, thanking God and thinking that there has to be something to this yeast thing.  Thank you, God!

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