Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Call Me a Donut Sneak

After doing a total yeast detox diet including nystatin and diflucan for my daughter (the total diet for the rest of our family),  we have now relaxed a little bit and are doing gfcf.  I still really limit sugar and vinegar and am afraid of all bread--even rice bread--because it all seems to contain yeast. 

My dirty little secret, however, is donuts.   When I am in the car alone or with the baby girl (which can be arranged almost daily), a couple of donuts....that's an easy thing to work out!  It's like my fix, and Shipley's Donuts has become my dealer!  And it has been satisfying my sweet tooth for longer than I'd like to admit now (perhaps 3 months?).  But over the past week or so, for some reason, I seem to have forgotten about donuts.  And then I realized that this really bothersome, itchy, the dermatologist-doesn't-know-what-causes-it-but-it's-been-here-for-about-3-months, rash, disappeared.  Hmmmm.

So tonight, 6 hours ago, I decided to test it.  I "forced" myself to have two glazed donuts.  Lo and behold, my hands are itchy.  Not enough that I can say that I KNOW it's because of the donuts.  But let's just say they're the prime suspect. 

I can't get away with anything.....

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